Cheese is as addictive as cocaine

Cheese is as addictive as cocaine according to a research study

1. Dec 2021
Cheese is as addictive as cocaine

Cheese Is Addictive as Cocaine, Science Says

Ever heard one of your friends say they cant stay away from cheese? Well This is why: They are addicted , like a person on crack

A study by the University of Michigan has proved that cheese contains similarly addictive chemicals found in drugs.

This is a first step towards identifying specific foods...which can trigger this addictive response

In the research, 500 participants were surveyed on their food cravings. During the study, meals containing cheese were the most sought-after, owing to the amount of dairy found in the dish.

The dishes, including pizza, ranked highly due to high levels of casein, which triggered the participants' brain opiod receptors to offer a similar reaction to that of drug addiction.

While there isn't much casein in milk normally, the amount needed to make cheese spikes the casein content, offering a similar cognitive reaction to taking recreational drugs such as cocaine. 


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